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Thank you for your interest in adopting a parrot! 

Our application approval process is extensive and may take up to a week

(and occasionally could take a little longer) so please be patient with us. 

Please keep in mind that not every bird is suited for every home.  We do our best to match each bird with the home we believe will best meet the lifestyle and needs of both the bird and the family, because we want the adoption to be the best possible situation for all involved. 

Once the application is approved, we will make an appointment for you to meet the bird you are thinking of adding to your family.  Please understand that our parrots are cared for in the privacy of our own homes, and visits are scheduled only with an approved adoption application. In some instances, you may be asked to meet with the bird several times before completing the adoption.  If the meet-and-greet goes well, we will then make arrangements for visiting your home before the adoption is completed.  You will be required to have a proper cage set up at the time of the home visit if the bird you're adopting does not have a cage included in their adoption, so please ask ahead of time.

Pre-approved adopters will get first consideration of adoption as new birds become available.  So, please feel free to apply to apply to be pre-approved for adoption if we don't have the bird you are looking for. We keep the application on file for six months and you may update the application as needed.  You can view our available birds at

Because we foster the parrots in our program from our own homes,

no visitation will be allowed without an approved application.

This is for the safety of our foster families and our birds,

and no exceptions will be made. 

Requirements for adoption:

  • * Adopter must live within 120 miles of our base in Lexington, KY.

  • * Adopter must be 18-years or older.

  • * Adopter may not live in an apartment home.

  • * Adopter must have landlord’s permission if renting, and we must speak with landlord.

  • * Adopter must agree to a pre-adoption home inspection and a post-adoption home inspection.

  • * Adopter must never use the adopted bird for breeding.

  • * Adopter must return the bird to us if they’re unable to keep him/her for any reason.

  • * Adopter must be experienced with parrots or agree to pre-adoption education provided by us.

  • * Adopter must pay the required adoption fee, which is listed on our website.