***(Individual adoption fees may vary slightly and variations are based on age, temperament, medical costs, etc.)***

Parakeet: $20

Lovebird: $40

Cockatiel: $50

Parrotlet: $75

Quaker, Small Conure: $150

Senegal, Meyers, Lorie, Large Conure, Caique, Alexandrine, IRN: $250

Jardine, Pionus, Small Amazon, Miniature Macaw, Small Cockatoo (Goffins): $350

Large Amazon, Eclectus, Medium Cockatoo (Ducorps): $450

Large Macaw (B&G, Scarlet), Large Cockatoo (Umbrella), African Grey: $500

Extra-Large Macaws (Green-Winged), Extra-Large Cockatoos (Moluccan): $650

Adoption fees for birds not listed here will be determined at time of availability. 

***(Individual adoption fees may vary slightly and variations are based on age, temperament, medical costs, etc.)***

When you adopt from Wings of Love:

• All of our birds have been given a full well-bird check with either a full physical,  fecal gram stain and cultures, or a physical with blood work (or both – this is determined by the veterinarian). Some birds have multiple veterinarian visits and extended medical care before they are placed up for adoption, but all necessary treatments will be complete before a bird is available for adoption. Any dogs or cats we have available for adoption will be spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and on preventatives.

• All of our birds have either been converted to a healthy diet or we are working on converting the bird and will help you continue that process if needed.

• If the bird you are interested in adopting has its own cage, your adoption fee will include that cage. This is a value of anywhere from $50-$500, depending on the cage. However, we often take in birds without cages, or with cages that aren't in usable condition, so please ask.

• Your adoption includes any follow up phone and/or e-mail consultations for education, nutrition, and behavior – if needed – at no charge.

• Most importantly, your adoption fee goes to pay for the medical and other needs of the next animal. Without this fee, we could not take in another animal. Your adoption fee saves the life of another!

A NOTE ON ADOPTION FEES: Please understand that our adoption fees help us cover vetting costs, transportation costs, food and enrichment for the birds in rescue. We ask that you please respect and appreciate that those fees are in place for specific reasons – mainly to support our continued effort in helping birds in need – and that no one except our birds benefit from those revenues. We will not entertain arguments over adoption fees.

Our MINIMUM cage requirements:
Parakeets, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Quakers: 27”w x 24”d
Ringnecks, Conures, Pionus, Lories, Meyers, Senegals: 32”w X 23”d
African Greys, Small Cockatoos, Eclectus, Amazons, Small Macaws: 36”w x 28”d
Large Cockatoos and Macaws: 48”w x 36”d
Extra-Large Parrots (Moluccans, Green-Winged Macaws): 64”w x 32”d or 80”w x 40”d
Make sure bar spacing is appropriate for your bird.

If you feel that a parrot would make a good gift for a friend, child, or significant other, please read the book
The Lonely Parrot by Lisa Kelley. Please understand that we do not allow adoptions to take place as gifts. We do require that the person who will be caring for the bird fill out the application and go through the process. We also require that all family members in the home be aware of the potential adoption and that they all be available for the in-home consult and the pre-adoption visit with the animal. Please be advised that we do NOT adopt to breeders nor allow breeders to foster.