We have a long list of birdie needs over on our Amazon.com Wish List! Please consider taking a moment to view the list and send a gift to our parrots. We can't supply everything they need without help from you. You can also leave an e-gift in any denomination you'd like, and we'll put it toward our next order for our most urgently needed items.


So you're considering adopting a bird? There's a lot to know before you decide to bring a bird into your home. We are here to help you get ready for your new family member! Click below for "10 Things You Need To Know Before Adopting a Bird" from The Avian Welfare Coalition.

We strive to give our birds the best here at Wings of Love Parrot Rescue Center of the Bluegrass, and we're committed to every bird who comes through our doors for their entire life. Our adopters can rest assured that we will always be here to help make their new family member as comfortable, happy, and healthy as possible. 



Adding a parrot to your family is a commitment that can last a lifetime.. or even longer!  Did you know that some parrots live more than seventy years?! Visit the Avian Welfare Coalition link below to find more about longevity and several other important bits of information you should know before you decide to adopt.